Practical WPF Charts and Graphics

Practical WPF Charts and Graphics

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Creating 2D and 3D charts is one of the most common uses of computer graphics. Such charts can have wide applications in representing mathematical, physical, and economic functions in your daily life. Whether you are an engineer, a quantitative analyst, a teacher, or a student, you will end up dealing with charting applications to some degree. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a next-generation graphics platform that enables you to build advanced user interfaces incorporating documents, media, 2D and 3D graphics, and animations. It is an ideal development tool that allows you to not only generate data, but also easily represent data graphically. Practical WPF Charts and Graphics provides all the tools you will need to develop professional chart and graphics applications in WPF and C#. This book will be useful for WPF and C# programmers of all skill levels, providing a complete and comprehensive explanation of WPFa€™s graphics capability and the creation of various charts, and paying special attention to the details of code implementation. What youa€™ll learn Understand the types of charts that can be developed in WPF and how WPF can be used to maximum effect in their development Develop a wide range of charts that consist of not only simple 2D and 3D graphs, but also the multimedia elements, embedded documents, and animations now commonly found in cutting-edge applications Adapt the wide selection of fully working demonstration charts that are provided with the book and integrate them into your own web site for instant results Who this book is for Practical Charts and Graphics is more than just a booka€”it's a powerful 2D and 3D charts and graphics package. You will find that many of the examples in the book can be immediately used in your real-world applications, and that many others will inspire you to create advanced graphical and sophisticated chart capabilities of your own. This book is targeted at professional developers and those who are studying to become professionals. Its coverage is equally valuable to both groups, providing a strong reference for one audience and an excellent introduction to the other. Table of Contents Overview of WPF Programming 2D Transformations WPF Graphics Basics in 2D Colors and Brushes 2D Line charts Specialized 2D Charts Stock Charts Interactive 2D Charts 2D Chart Controls Data Interpolations Curve Fitting 3D Transformations WPF Graphics Basics in 3D 3D Charts with the WPF 3D Engine 3D Charts Without the WPF 3D Engine Specialized 3D ChartsCreating a rubber band on a 2D chart using mouse iI_I_ Chart Zooming Sine and Cosine Chart 42232999 Resu IIE aquot;la#39;Axis ... Chart. Zooming. with. a. Mouse. Wheel . In the previous section, I showed you how to zoom in on a 2D chart usinganbsp;...

Title:Practical WPF Charts and Graphics
Author:Jack Xu
Publisher:Apress - 2009-11-09


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