Practice of Satsang

Practice of Satsang

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Practice of Satsang is an invitation for Conscious Living. Written as a€˜Letters to my Grandchildrena€™, the book shares personal short stories, quotes from the real-life protagonists of the stories, provocative questions and practices for your experimentation and play. The purpose is to deepen relationships with oneself and with onea€™s family, friends, fellow - travellers, colleagues, clients and the communities one belongs to. 'Sat' means truth and 'Sanga' means company. Satsang is an old Sanskit word meaning 'being with the truth', and 'gathering together to find the truth'. Usually, in my culture, it is interpreted to gather in the presence of a guru (Teacher), who would help to be with the truth. As I grew up, I realised that there are many gurus (teachers) in our lives who help us to be with the truth, with our truth. They come in unexpected relationships and situations as our own higher consciousness. The key is in my openness, perception and choice. Am I willing to recognise the teacher, the truth and times of sanga in my inner and outer worlds? Journey as you read this book, inwards to your own genius, wisdom, consciousness, bliss and truth. Come, let us exchange stories and practices and reflect together on fundamental questions, across generations and cultures.(When is the last time you wrote a letter, not a mail or a SMS, but a handwritten letter to somebody? Wonder if handwritten letters are prevalent in your times! I ask the same questions to myself and find myself lost for an answer!) Finally, the wedding day ... nervously knowing that so far he had been writing his letters in Hindi.

Title:Practice of Satsang
Author:Natasha Dalmia
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2014-07-31


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