Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain

Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain

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Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain goes through the Laplace transform to get from the time domain to topics that include the s-plane, Bode diagrams, and the sinusoidal steady state. This second of three volumes ends with a-c power, which, although it is just a special case of the sinusoidal steady state, is an important topic with unique techniques and terminology. Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain is focused on the frequency domain. In other words, time will no longer be the independent variable in our analysis. The two other volumes in the Pragmatic Circuits series include titles on DC and Time Domain and Signals and Filters. These short lecture books will be of use to students at any level of electrical engineering and for practicing engineers, or scientists, in any field looking for a practical and applied introduction to circuits and signals. The author's a€œpragmatica€ and applied style gives a unique and helpful a€œnon-idealistic, practical, opinionateda€ introduction to circuits.How many kVAR is this? Well, the bill is for 33 ... 33 24 792 = A— This says we need, in round numbers, 600 kVAR of capacitors to balance the schoola#39;s reactive load. You check with a manufacturer to see what this would cost. They say, $25 peranbsp;...

Title:Pragmatic Circuits: Frequency Domain
Author:William J. Eccles
Publisher:Morgan & Claypool Publishers - 2006-12-01


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