Prayer Stations

Prayer Stations

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Prayer Stations There Are 12 of Them: Praise and Worship Family Children Finance Healing Binding Satan Leadership Unity Prisoner/Captives Bondage Addiction Salvation Examples of Prayer Stations: (1-3) JESUS Jehovah Elohim The Lord Is God Deuteronomy 10:17 Prayer Station I Praise and Worship Psalm 66, 113, 145 Hallow His Name Holya€”Lovea€”Righteous Faithfula€”Justicea€”Mercy Gracea€”Long Sufferinga€”Goodness Trutha€”Forgiving Omniscience Omnipotence Omnipresence Immutablea€”Infinite Wisdom His Glorya€”Creator The Word Potentate King of kingsa€”Lord of lords Majestya€”Worthya€”Exalted Alphaa€”Omega New Covenant Atonement Redemption Fathera€”Sona€”Holy Spirit The Whole Armora€”Ephesians 6:11-18 JESUS Jehovah Ta€™Sur The Lord Our Strength Psalm 19:14 Prayer Station II Family Ephesians 5:22-33 Psalm 115:14-15 Salvation Will of God Lovea€”Unity Blessings Communication Forgiveness Conflict Resolution Trusta€”Stability Marriagea€”Singlesa€”Boundaries Widowsa€”Single Parents Infidelitya€”Divorce Protectiona€”Abuse Extended Family Aging Parentsa€”Caregivers Foster Carea€”Bereavement Abortionsa€”Satanic Attacks Feet Shod with the Gospel of Peace JESUS Jehovah Nissi The Lord Is My Banner Exodus 17:15 Prayer Station III Children Ephesians 6:1-4 Genesis 22:17-18 Salvation Blessed-Loved-Happy Stabilitya€”Focusa€”Favor Wisdoma€”Integrity Educationa€”Scholars Head not the Tail Crimea€”Safetya€”Protection Physicala€”Mental Abuse Peer Pressurea€”Adoption Low Self Esteema€”Teen Suicide Rebelliona€”Withdrawal Abstinencea€”Boundariesa€”Loneliness Abductions Incesta€”Fornication Child Pornographya€”Prostitution Homosexuality Internet Scams Helmet of Salvation People of all ages, all stations of life and all types of dispositions are asking for guidelines to focused prayer. Prayer Stations are not just designated locations where believers go, expecting to receive results from God the Father in the name of Jesus, each Prayer Station has a€œfocal pointsa€ that keeps the believer focused while praying. Prayer Stations allows the believer to go outside his/her comfort zones into praying beyond their intellect in the Spirit. This book allows the believer to study each Prayer Station with supporting scriptures so that they may pray the will of God effectively, keep a written journal and to reflect on how the content of each Prayer Station has impacted their lives. Prayer Stations can be used also on a professional level in counseling sessions, the dynamics of teams, home devotionals and personal use. Prayer Stations will take a believer from no prayer life to a greater dimension of knowing God.Jehovah Tsidkenu The Lord our Righteousness Jeremiah 23:6 Prayer Station VII Leadership Romans 13 Family ... Policea€”Fire Department Armed Forces Homeland Security Employersa€”Educators Schoolsa€”Collegesa€”Universities Breastanbsp;...

Title:Prayer Stations
Author:Georgia M. Hood & Byron Ravenell
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2004-02-16


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