Premodern Travel in World History

Premodern Travel in World History

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This book features some of the greatest travellers in human history a€“ people who undertook long journeys to places they knew little or nothing about. From Roman tourists, to the establishment of the Silk Road; an epic trek round China and India in the seventh century, to Marco Polo and through to the first speculations on space travel, Premodern Travel in World History provides an overview of long-distance travel in Afro-Eurasia from around 400BCE to 1500. This survey uses succinct accounts of the most epic journeys in the premodern world as lenses through which to examine the development of early travel, trade and cultural interchange between China, central Asia, India and southeast Asia, while also discussing themes such as the growth of empires and the spread of world religions. Complete with maps, this concise and interesting study analyzes how travel pushed and shaped the boundaries of political, geographical and cultural frontiers.University of California Press, 1963) a€”a€”a€”, The Vermillion Bird: Ta#39;ang Images of the South (Berkeley, Cal. ... People, AD 600a€“1200 (Delhi: Oxford University Press , 1998) Susan Whitfield, Life Along the Silk Road (Berkeley, Cal. ... Mariette Leon (Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press, 1932) Herbert Eugen Plutschow, a#39; Japanese Travel Diaries of the Middle Ages, Oriens Extremis, 29.1a€“2 (1982): 1a€“ 131anbsp;...

Title:Premodern Travel in World History
Author:Stephen Gosch, Peter Stearns
Publisher:Routledge - 2007-12-12


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