President Yeshua

President Yeshua

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Columbia and nations abroad stumble towards a financial collapse and tempers flare across the globe, causing wars and rumors of war; the feeling of an apocalypse consumes the atmospheres oxygen. As a result, desperately and privily the leaders of the world search for a universal mediator/savior, designated for the White House. Will this free world president fulfill his commission: revive the fiscal climate, restoring peace in the Middle East and the world? Or will the world encounter World War 3 rupturing into the apocalypse? Moreover and more importantly, this book uncovers the mysteries of life: religion, politics, race, humanism, and truth; via a journey through the book of Revelation.After praying for an hour and a half to The Father, Yeshua walked back into the living area with celestial brilliance. ... Yeshua and Shawn exited the vehicle; Shawn wafted the sacred writings, graciously refusing to allow Yeshua to perform any manual moonlight. As they ... A banner below the Staples Centera#39;s sign indicated Faye Oa€”a famous pop singera€”would be performing live at Nine Post Meridiem.

Title:President Yeshua
Author:Dennis Allen - 2014-01


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