Primary Care Orthopedics

Primary Care Orthopedics

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At last, a general orthopedics book written by a chiropractor, for chiropractors. PRIMARY CARE ORTHOPEDICS addresses the accurate diagnosis and effective management of common orthopedic disorders from rotator cuff impingement to carpal tunnel disease to arthritis of the joints. Taking a classical anatomical approach, it comprehensively covers assessment, diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic conditions. Features a multi-disciplinary approach, appealing not only to chiropractors, but also athletic trainers and physical therapists. Breaks down orthopedic conditions for each joint with applied anatomy and biomechanics explaining each condition; an excellent teaching tool for students and field practitioners alike to truly understand why they are doing what they are doing, what to do next and when to do it. Devotes entire chapter to recent challenges faced by the clinician on topics such as fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Lyme disease to educate the reader on assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders that are increasingly more common. Provides multi-disciplinary clinical treatment and diagnostic algorithms throughout the book to give reader choices between orthodox treatment and newer, more current treatment options. Includes over 100+ clinical entities presented in a quick and easy reference format in both the text and a table using PHYSICAL EXAM FINDINGS, XRAY FINDINGS, and TREATMENT PLAN. Features review questions at the end of each chapter with the answers at the end of the book to give the student or practitioner a chance to review what they have learned chapter by chapter. Includes a glossary of approximately 300 terms, referencing the chapter in which they first appear, allowing the reader to locate more detailed information. Focuses on diagnostic topics throughout, giving overviews on advanced testing procedures. Includes very comprehensive chapters on the knee and low back, common topics in primary care for diagnosis and treatment. Features innovative rehabilitation and treatment procedures given such as qtherapeutic squatting programsq for the knee and lumbar spine. Contains over 300 anatomical, imaging, and procedural illustrations to give the reader a visual review of the text explanation. Discusses age-appropriate variances from pediatric to geriatric, reviewing similarities and differences in every age range for the most quality care.DlP, Distal interphalangeal; PIP, proximal interphalangeal. Lacerations and Crush ... Nerves that definitely need repair are the digital nerves to the thumb, the radial digital nerve to the index finger, and the ulnar digital nerve of the fifth finger .

Title:Primary Care Orthopedics
Publisher:Mosby Incorporated - 1999-01-01


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