Primed to Perform

Primed to Perform

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Why do some workplace cultures inspire energy and innovation, while others fuel anxiety, boredom, or cynicism? Until now, such legendary cultures have seemed like magic beyond our control. However, behind every culture is a surprisingly elegant science. Primed to Perform proves that the highest-performing cultures are built on a simple truth: why people work affects how well they work. Great organizations inspire the three most powerful motives for worka€”play, purpose, and potentiala€”and eliminate the three most destructivea€”emotional pressure, economic pressure, and inertia. They create total motivation (or ToMo, for short). Total motivation cultures create the highest-performing employees and the most adaptive organizations. Authors Neel Doshi and Lindsay McGregor show that extraordinary performance at companies like Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Apple, and Whole Foods comes from cultures that inspire total motivation. They describe how investment professionals, salespeople, teachers, and CEOs perform better when driven by total motivation. And, most important, they share how you can build a culture that inspires total motivation in every moment of every day. Primed to Perform builds on over a century of academic thinking as well as the authors' original research into how ToMo drives performance at iconic companies. It introduces the authors' highly predictive new measurement tool, the total motivation factor, which allows leaders to measure the strength of their culture and understand how it changes over time. It gives leaders the tools to transform their own workplaces. High-performing cultures can't be left to chance; organizations must create systems that shape and maintain them. Whether you're a five-person team or a start-up, an elementary school or a university, a nonprofit or a mega-institution, Primed to Perform shows you how.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a serious problem: too many of its citizens are overweight or obese.1 In the summer of 2013, the government of Dubai took action, launching a weightloss challenge it called a€œYour Weight in Gold.a€ Dubaianbsp;...

Title:Primed to Perform
Author:Neel Doshi, Lindsay McGregor
Publisher:HarperCollins - 2015-10-06


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