Principled Profit

Principled Profit

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Horowitz offers the latest addition to the deluge of morally-centred business tomes. In one way, it's an overturning of traditional corporate wisdom -- see your competitors as your allies, not your adversaries, Horowitz suggests -- but it's also something we've been hearing an awful lot of lately: build meaningful relationships with your customers, view your employees as your partners and so on. Nevertheless, the arguments are all sound and illustrated with the customer-obsessed success stories of ventures like Saturn and Nordstrom. Horowitz is at his best when displaying his canny understanding of the media world, advising how to fit your business's message with the media's need to produce timely, relevant stories.aquot;Big savings can cost less than small savings, aquot; Lovins says a€” if designers learn to think about the overall system, and how ... mass scale, construction cost would be $1800 cheaper than a comparable conventional house, and maintenance costs would be cut by $1600 per year. ... than a Lexus SUV, can go 55 miles per hour on the energy the Lexus uses just for air conditioning, achieves the equivalent ofanbsp;...

Title:Principled Profit
Author:Shel Horowitz
Publisher:Accurate Writing & More - 2003


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