Principles Of Communication

Principles Of Communication

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Communication process, Source of information, Communication channels, Base-band and Pass-band signals, Representation of signal and systems, The modulation process, Primary communication resources, Analog versus digital communications.Amplitude modulationFrequency division and time division multiplexing, Suppressed carrier systems, Single side band transmission, Amplitude modulation with carrier power, Effect of frequency and phase errors in synchronous detection, Comparison of various AM systems, Vestigial side band transmission.Angle ModulationNarrow and wide band FM, Multiple frequency and square wave modulation, Linear and Non-linear modulation, Phase modulation, Demodulation of FM signals, Noise reduction.Pulse Modulation Pulse amplitude modulation, Other forms of pulse modulation, Bandwidth required for transmission PAM signals, Comparison of frequency division and Time division multiplexed systems.NoiseDifferent types of noise, Noise calculations, Equivalent noise bandwidth, Noise figures, Effective noise temperature, Noise figure in cascaded stages.Performance of Communication SystemsNoise calculation in communication systems, Noise in amplitude modulated, angle modulated and pulse modulated systems, Comparison of coded and un-coded systems.Information TransmissionMeasures of information, Channel capacity, transmission of continuous signals, Exchange of bandwidth for signal to noise ratio, Efficiency of PCM systems.The modulating signal is audio signal and given to audio amplifier. lt is further amplified by audio power amplifier at a level suitable for modulation. ... The antenna matching network is generally tuned LC circuit in collector circuit of modulator amplifier. ln this AM transmitter, the ... 2.4.2 shows Low level modulated AM transmitter block diagram. ln this block diagram, observe that a linear class B poweranbsp;...

Title:Principles Of Communication
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2009-01-01


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