Principles of Computer Systems and Network Management

Principles of Computer Systems and Network Management

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Systems Management is emerging as the predominant area for computer science in the enterprise, with studies showing that the bulk (up to 80%) of an enterprise IT budget is spent on management/operational issues and is the largest piece of the expenditure. This textbook provides an overview of the field of computer systems and network management. Systems management courses are being taught in different graduate and undergraduate computer science programs, but there are no good books with a comprehensive overview of the subject. This text book will provide content appropriate for either an undergraduate course (junior or senior year) or a graduate course in systems management.As described in Chapter 4, the system would discover the different devices in the environment using a variety of techniques. Once the presence of a device or application package is known, it is relatively easy for a management system to query ... In some programming environments such as Java, it is possible to insert interceptor routines [10] which can track the invocation of the different procedure calls.

Title:Principles of Computer Systems and Network Management
Author:Dinesh Chandra Verma
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2010-01-23


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