Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications

Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications

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This book is a concise and modern treatment of introductory database topics that enlists Java and the Internet to present core DBMS theory from an applications perspective. It incorporates programming and database applications when presenting the core theory behind DBMS and their applications. Information management is the central theme of this book. It motivates the development of data models and the representation of information in relational database systems. Readers learn how to define database content with Entity-Relationship models, and how to represent that content in relational systems. They become thoroughly familiar with the SQL language, and learn exactly what is required to build quality information-rich applications. This book is appropriate for readers interested in learning about database systems while applying the theory using Java and the Contains many utility classes that support various types of collections of objects, date and time facilities, ... Chapters 9 and 10 make extensive use of servlet classes. ... The second edition [Fla97a] covers Java 1.1, and the third edition [Fla99] covers Java 1.2. ... for novice programmers can be found in Deitel and Deitel [DeDe97] and in Budda#39;s book on object-oriented programming [ Budd00].

Title:Principles of Database Systems with Internet and Java Applications
Author:Greg Riccardi
Publisher:Addison Wesley - 2001


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