Principles of Fabric Formation

Principles of Fabric Formation

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How Are Textile Fabrics Formed? Principles of Fabric Formation is a treatise on the modern production systems of woven, knitted, braided, nonwoven, triaxial, multiaxial, and 3D fabrics. This book offers a basic understanding of the technicalities involved in the formation of different types of textile fabrics, and brings out the relative merits and limitations of each production process in one single volume. Gain Insight into the World of Textile Fabrics Providing readers with an appreciation of the technicalities involved in the formation of different types of textile fabrics, the author describes all major fabric formation methods, and explains each stage of formation in the text. He also addresses all major topics related to the formation of different classes of textile fabrics, including yarn winding, warping, yarn sizing, woven fabric construction, weaving, weft knitting, warp knitting, braiding, nonwovens, and triaxial, multiaxial and 3D fabrics. Comprised of 16 chapters, this multifaceted work: Provides a technical description of fabric formation systems Focuses on the diverse technicalities involved in each and every stage of formation Contains a comprehensive compilation of the major principles involved Principles of Fabric Formation is an exclusive junior/senior undergraduate-level textbook with a focus on the diverse technical principles involved in production of the entire gamut of textile fabrics.The main motor supplies power for primary motions, and servomotors drive secondary motions. ... yarn being inserted, or the shedding motion can be run at a very slow speed in the reverse direction for automatic broken pick repair while picking and beating up elements remain idle. ... Polarity of the permanent magnet (the rotor in an AC-induction motor) remains constant while that of the other alternatesanbsp;...

Title:Principles of Fabric Formation
Author:Prabir Kumar Banerjee
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-12-19


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