Principles of Plasma Mechanics

Principles of Plasma Mechanics

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This Book Presents A Systematic Exposition Of The Fundamental Principles Involved In Plasma Mechanics. It Also Highlights Some Of The Recent Developments In The Area.The Book Emphasises The Following Topics: * Magnetization By Inverse Faraday Effect * Ionospheric Cross Modulation * Relativistic Vlasov Equations For Waves In Plasmas * Kinetic Theory Of Vlasov For Plasmoidal Equilibrium Structures * Formalism Of Transformation From Laboratory Frame To A Space Independent Frame For Study Of Dispersive Wave.With Its Comprehensive Approach And Detailed Treatment, The Book Would Serve As An Excellent Text For M.Sc. Physics Students As Well As Research Scholars.(a) Classical notions of bound electrons The concept of electrons, classically bound to a nucleus of positive charge, explains the ... rotation at the rate of Larmor angular frequency qH/2 mc, which is half of the gyration frequency of free electrons Q.e (= qHlmc. ... whereas longitudinal waves, propagating along the directions of the unidirectional lattice vibrations, are thus affected in crystals. Exercise 2.19.1.

Title:Principles of Plasma Mechanics
Author:Bishwanath Chakraborty
Publisher:New Age International - 2007-01-01


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