Privacy and Big Data

Privacy and Big Data

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Much of what constitutes Big Data is information about us. Through our online activities, we leave an easy-to-follow trail of digital footprints that reveal who we are, what we buy, where we go, and much more. This eye-opening book explores the raging privacy debate over the use of personal data, with one undeniable conclusion: once data's been collected, we have absolutely no control over who uses it or how it is used. Personal data is the hottest commodity on the market todaya€”truly more valuable than gold. We are the asset that every company, industry, non-profit, and government wants. Privacy and Big Data introduces you to the players in the personal data game, and explains the stark differences in how the U.S., Europe, and the rest of the world approach the privacy issue. You'll learn about: Collectors: social networking titans that collect, share, and sell user data Users: marketing organizations, government agencies, and many others Data markets: companies that aggregate and sell datasets to anyone Regulators: governments with one policy for commercial data use, and another for providing securityAmazon certainly illustrated the power of TPM when it removed two of George Orwella#39;s books, Animal Farm and 1984, from customersa#39; Kindles: a€œThis is precisely the functional equivalent of Barnes aamp; Noble -- or Amazon itself for that matter -- using a crowbar or ... For some odd reason, the Chinese have no interest in giving U.S. corporations (or their government) the ability to turn off the operating systemanbsp;...

Title:Privacy and Big Data
Author:Terence Craig, Mary E. Ludloff
Publisher:"O'Reilly Media, Inc." - 2011-09-16


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