Pro ASP.NET SignalR

Pro ASP.NET SignalR

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ASP.NET SignalR is the new solution to real-time communication between servers and clients in .NET. Use it to push new data to a web page or mobile device as soon as it becomes available, whether ita€™s a notification, live chat, up-to-the-minute financial data, or a range of other exciting applications. Innovations like Google live search and live Facebook and Twitter updates are pushing usersa€™ expectations of the real-time web. With Pro ASP.NET SignalR, you can join this revolution and learn skills that will be valuable for years to come. Pro ASP.NET SignalR starts with an introduction to the real-time web. Learn about the technologies underlying the SignalR library, such as WebSockets and long-polling, and how SignalR elegantly flips between them depending on the capabilities of the client. Next, meet the concepts of hubs and persistent connections and how to use them to build the components of an ASP.NET SignalR application. Find out how to extend, test, debug, configure, scale, and host your applications, and how to target a range of clients, including Windows and iOS. The book rounds off with two case studiesa€”a stock market price updater, and a collaborative drawing applicationa€”so you can get to grips with SignalR in a realistic scenario, using a broad range of the concepts covered in earlier chapters. As real-time updates to web and mobile apps become the norm, Pro ASP.NET SignalR will be your in-depth, one-stop companion to this new and exciting technology. What youa€™ll learn The concept of hubs and hub proxies, and how to use them to build SignalR applications quickly and easily The concept of persistent connections and how to use them to build more advanced SignalR applications Debugging SignalR applications Configuring and scaling SignalR applications Hosting SignalR applications on Windows Azure How to apply all these concepts to a real ASP.NET or Windows Store app Who this book is for This book will suit professional ASP.NET developers familiar with C#, IIS and JavaScript. Table of Contents Chapter 1: Introduction to the Real-Time Web and ASP.NET SignalR Chapter 2: Overview of SignalR Chapter 3: Developing SignalR Applications using Hubs Chapter 4: Working with Persistent Connections Chapter 5: Debugging and Testing Chapter 6: SignalR Clients Chapter 7: Extending SignalR Chapter 8: Configuration and Security Chapter 9: Building a Stock Market Price Updater Chapter 10: Building a Collaborative Drawing ApplicationAnother great example of the power of the real-time web and its impact is Google Docs, in which users have access to an online version of document-editing software for word processing, spreadsheets, and slides. Not only can users edit theiranbsp;...

Title:Pro ASP.NET SignalR
Author:Keyvan Nayyeri, Darren White
Publisher:Apress - 2014-12-04


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