Pro-Life Pulpit

Pro-Life Pulpit

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Over one million unborn children are intentionally aborted every year in North America. Voiceless and helpless, their blood cries out. Will those of us who serve as pastors and preachers respond from our pulpits? Silence is not an option. We cannot keep quiet while thousands of our neighbors, made in the image of God, are being led to the slaughter every day. But neither should we condemn and vilify those who are complicit in their deaths. A truly pro-life pulpit ministry opposes the injustice of abortion with truth, courage and understanding. Tears mingled with hope, overflowing with grace. After all, the Christian faith is rooted in the good news of a Messiah who was once an embryo. Nine months before he was born, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, and for the next forty weeks he lived and grew in the womb of an unwed teenaged mother. He is at the heart of our preaching, and this book will show you how to confront the sin of abortion by proclaiming the God who became abortable in order to save sinners.The essays are of varying quality, as one would expect from a project with so many collaborators. Frederica ... Not every prochoice advocate, however, agrees with MathewesGreen that the number of abortions in America should be reduced.

Title:Pro-Life Pulpit
Author:Stephen Tu
Publisher:Wipf and Stock Publishers - 2011-05-23


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