Pro SQL Server 2000 Database Design

Pro SQL Server 2000 Database Design

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Database design is one of the most contentious issues in computer science. There is always a delicate balance to be struck between the strict academic rules that govern the design of relational databases and the real-world techniques that programmers apply to get the job done in a certain time frame. This book's goal is to coverfrom a qreal-worldq point of viewall of the essential elements in designing, modeling, and building efficient relational databases, while avoiding a dry, theoretical approach. Author Louis Davidson explains the process of implementing a databasea€”from generating tables and allowing access to these tables using Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This includes tackling data modeling (focusing on the IDEF1X notation), requirements gathering, normalization (beyond the Third Normal Form), and implementing tables, constraints, triggers, procedures, user-defined functions, and so on. Davidson provides a full and realistic case study that clearly illustrates the entire process, from the initial discussions of a client's needs, through development of a logical model, to a complete implementation of the system.For example, consider an automotive VIN (vehicle identification number). ... Pontiac (2 or 5), Plymouth (P), Saturn (8), Toyota (T), VW (V), Volvo Third character: Identifies vehicle type or manufacturing division. ... VIN accuracy as check digit.

Title:Pro SQL Server 2000 Database Design
Author:Louis Davidson
Publisher:Apress - 2004-01-21


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