Problems, Women, and Problems with Women

Problems, Women, and Problems with Women

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Problems, Women, and Problems with Women is the autobiographical narrative of Jackson Emmet, a neurotic twenty-something ex-Jew. This creative nonfiction follows Emmet as he navigates the single social scene after ending his codependent relationship--now living alone, Emmet questions how to once again relate to the opposite sex. Emmet's caustic but curious self treads through family changes, new and old relationships, late drunken Denver nights, and the journey from expectations of bachelorhood to the reality of a well-balanced individual. Mixing Sedaris, Hemingway, Faulkner, and Philip Roth, Jackson Emmet has given us a humorous retelling of a year of his life interspersed with past events that influenced the way things came to be. As this story is all true, the names have been changed, including the author's.I just got a fucking N64 for Christmas. And fucking Luftballons is fucking Santa Claus. Third floor. Luftballons exits. And winks. Fourth floor, we both exit. I look down my side of the hall, she starts heading towards hers, walking side to side.

Title:Problems, Women, and Problems with Women
Author:Jackson Emmet
Publisher:Author House - 2014-12-15


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