Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009

Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009

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This volume includes a€œNations in Tune: the Influence of Irish music on the Breton Musical Recorda€ by Yann Bevant; a€œEthnicity, Geography, and the Passage of Dominion in the Mabinogi and Brut Y Brenhinedda€ by Christina Chance; a€œRejecting Mothera€™s Blessing: the Absence of the Fairy in the Welsh Search for National Identitya€ by Adam Coward; a€œGwalarn: An Attempt to Renew Breton literaturea€ by Gwendal Denez; a€œAt the Crossroads: World War One and the Shifting Roles of Men and Women in Breton Ballad Song Practicea€ by Natalie Franz; a€œApocryphal Sanctity in the Lives of Irish Saintsa€ by Maire Johnson; a€œ a€˜An Dialog wtre Arzur Roe da€™an Bretounet ha Guynglaffa€™ and Its Connections with the Arthurian traditiona€ by Herve Le Bihan; a€œA Walk on the Wild Side: Women, Men and Madnessa€ by Edyta Lehmann; a€œThe Early Establishment of Celtic Studies in North American Universitiesa€ by Michael Linkletter; a€œ a€˜The Marshalled Fence of Battle of All the Men of Eartha€™: A Reading of CAo Chulainna€™s First Recension rAsastrada€ by Elizabeth Moore; a€œDreams of Medieval Scottish Nationhood: The Epic Case of William Wallacea€ by Kylie Murray; a€œ a€˜Some of You Will Curse Hera€™: Womena€™s Fiction During the Irish-language Revivala€ by Riona Nic Congail; a€œDating Peredur: New Light on Old Problemsa€ by Natalia I. Petrovskaia; a€œ a€˜From the Shame You Have Donea€™ : Comparing the stories of Blodeuedd and BlAithnaita€ by Sarah Pfannenschmidt; a€œ a€˜And There was a Fourth son Llefelysa€™: Narrative Structure and Variation in Cyfranc Lludd a Llefelysa€ by Kelly Ann Randell; and a€œFabricating Celts: How Iron Age Iberians became Indo-Europeanized during the Franco Regimea€ by Aaron Alzola Romero and Eduardo Sanchez-Moreno.of time before they will betray, cuckold and humiliate them. The use of the widespread international theme of the Unfaithful Wife is so extensive that only a few examples are noted here; however, the ... I have noted with the motif numbers that even when stories share general motifs, they may still contain different and distinctanbsp;...

Title:Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, 29: 2009
Author:Kassandra Conley, Erin Boon, Margaret Harrison
Publisher:Harvard University Press - 2011


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