Processing of High-Temperature Superconductors at High Strain

Processing of High-Temperature Superconductors at High Strain

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The discovery of high-temperature superconductivity [1986] by Bendnorz and MA¼ller in the La-BA-Cu-O system resulted in very extensive research work about the discovery and synthesis of other high-temperature superconductors, such as Y-BA-Cu-O and Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O. These new superconducting materials, possessing superconductivity above liquid nitrogen boiling point, are used in many engineering applications, from electronic sensors to rotating electrical generators and from nanometer-scale thin films to kilometer-long wires and coils. Therefore, design and net-shape manufacturing of superconducting components, starting from the initial synthesized powders, is now of utmost industrial importance. This book is primarily focused on the bulk-fabrication techniques of high-temperature ceramic superconducting components, especially on the combination of dynamic powder-consolidation and subsequent deformation processing. The properties of these ceramics, which are difficult-to-form materials by applying conventional techniques, are combined for the net-shape manufacturing of such components for the construction of HTS devices. However, very important topics such as superconducting structures, chemical synthesis, film fabrication and characterization techniques are also reviewed to provide a complete, comprehensive view of superconductors engineering.... in wall thickness of r-n = 55% was obtained, after the second pass 5 mm (rm = 83%) and after the third pass 3 mm (rT3 ... the density and fracture toughness, see 50 Ia€” Region I -*|a€” 1 : 1-P8R8 2;2-PAl8Ar 3: Manufacturing of Rods and Wiresanbsp;...

Title:Processing of High-Temperature Superconductors at High Strain
Author:A.G. Mamalis, D. E. Manolakos, A. Szalay, G. Pantazopoulos
Publisher:CRC Press - 2000-05-26


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