Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming

Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming

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With a general understanding of programming principles, SQL Server Programming provides a comprehensive overview of the new areas of SQL Server, for programmers. There is an in-depth discussion of T-SQL, the query language of Microsoft SQL Server. From basic database design concepts a tutorial explains more advanced topics and specific areas including Stored Procedures and Advanced Queries. Advanced topics of performance tuning, security and a solid description of OLAP, which is built in with SQL Server, are then introduced. Data Transformation Services are explained in detail and Remote and Linked SQL Server Agents are covered. With over 1, 000 pages this book covers the main topics to provide an in-depth understanding of concepts and procedures, so programmers can get the most out of SQL Server 7.0. Online discussion of the topics in this book available at Wrox's P2P site Whether you're coming from another relational database management system, upgrading your existing system, or perhaps want to add programming skills to your DBA knowledge, you'll find what you need in this book to get to grips with SQL Server 7.0 development. There is no particular programming language, so you'llAs I said way back in Chapter 8, SQL Server doesna#39;t really give us all that much in terms of diagramming tools (before ... diagramming program such as Visio a–i Upgrade to a real Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) tool If nothing else, it willanbsp;...

Title:Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming
Author:Robert Vieira
Publisher:Apress - 1999


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