Programming Mobile Robots with Aria and Player

Programming Mobile Robots with Aria and Player

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'Programming Mobile Robots with Aria and Player' provides a guide to creating object-oriented C++ programs for robots using the Player and Aria APIs within a Linux environment. The book is supported throughout with examples, diagrams, sample programs, and configuration files. MobileRobot s Pioneers are used as vehicles throughout the book, but most of the techniques and programs that are demonstrated for Player are applicable to the other makes and models that the API supports. In addition, the Aria section is also appropriate for other robots made by MobileRobots. The book discusses how to install the various pieces of software needed and also describes how to: configure robots; control robots remotely; program each individual sensor and actuator; and set up and control robots. 'Programming Mobile Robots with Aria and Player' serves as a complete text for undergraduate and postgraduate robotics programming modules, and is also an invaluable reference source for students, teachers and researchers. Additional material for this book can be found at Guide to C++ Object-Oriented Control Amanda Whitbrook ... Vaughan, R. T., Gerkey, B., Howard, A.: On Device Abstractions For Portable, Reusable Robot Code. ... Gerkey, B. P., Vaughan, R. T., Sty, K., Howard, A., Sukhatme, G., S., Mataric, M. J.: Most Valuable Player: A Robot Device Server for Distributed Control. ... Laser Range-Finder Installation and Operations Manual, Version 1, ActivMedia, . 10.

Title:Programming Mobile Robots with Aria and Player
Author:Amanda Whitbrook
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-11-26


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