Progressive Rock Guitar

Progressive Rock Guitar

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From the second half of the 20th century into the new millenium, some bands have stretched the limits of rock. The great progressive rock artists of the world such as Yes, Kim Crimson, Queensryche, Dream Theater, and Symphony X have expanded the possibilities, exploring elements of classical, jazz and other styles while maintaining the excitement and edge of rock. This book provides a look at the inner workings of this music, providing the tools and inspiration you need to create your own progressive rock sound. You'll learn fascinating chords, odd time signatures, metric and harmonic modulations, exotic scales and advanced guitar soloing concepts. Finally, here is guidance for the guitarist who's ready to rise above and beyond the confines of simple rock 'n' roll and push the boundaries where few dare to go. The CD demonstrates the examples in the book. 96 pages.The progression could be as simple as a two-chord vamp, or so complex that no chord is ever repeated. The approach taken ... Playing multiple chords over one bass note (pedal tones) is a great way of getting new sounds. Frequently, moving anbsp;...

Title:Progressive Rock Guitar
Author:Glenn Riley
Publisher:Alfred Music Publishing - 2004-08-01


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