Project-Based Writing in Science

Project-Based Writing in Science

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Turn your students into scientists who use their knowledge and creativity to solve real-world problems. Each lesson features a step-by-step guide; a summary of recent research; and handouts that are classroom-ready. Learn about the three levels of writing, from a Level 1 quickwrite to a formal, multi-part, Level 3 research paper. Each writing assignmenta€”narrative, persuasive, and informativea€”includes a detailed rubric that makes grading easy. Students collaborate to contain an outbreak of avian flu, lead a group of people trying to survive under harsh conditions, battle drought in a densely-populated city in the American southwest, research the behavior of animals in the local region, and calculate their own speed, velocity, and momentum. Engaging and demanding, Project-Based Writing in Science helps students to understand and improve the world.The U.S. Army Survival Manual is available free online at: army/ fm3-05-70.pdf a€c One die, preferably an outrageously large, foamy one. a€c Provide students with daily tasks and assessment rubrics. a€c Bring in the essentialsanbsp;...

Title:Project-Based Writing in Science
Author:Lawrence Baines
Publisher:Springer - 2014-09-23


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