Prom Ever After

Prom Ever After

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Prom night is finally here. Three girls will find that the biggest night of high school can also be the most surprisinga€b. Haute Date by Dona Sarkar Ashmita Montague has fallen for the perfect prom dressa€”but it's way over her budget. How can she impress the school's star athlete while wearing her mom's hand-me-down Indian wedding dress? Then she gets creative and decides to revamp the dress with the help of her best friend Sebastian. A sudden unexpected chemistry takes Ash by surprise and makes her wonder if it's time to make some major alterations to her love life, tooa€b. Save the Last Dance by Caridad Ferrer Peyton Chaffee's wealthy parents won't believe she's serious about becoming a chef until she proves herself by working in the kitchen for a prestigious eventa€bon prom night. They disapprove of her culinary ambitions and her boyfriend, Eddie. Is she ready to sacrifice one unforgettable night for a chance that could change her entire future? Prom and Circumstance by Deidre Berry Everyone knows that popular, pampered Aubrey Garrett is a shoo-in for prom queen. So, self-professed nerd Deanna Parker takes her own nomination as a joke. But with the entire school dividing into Team Aubrey or Team Deanna, competition is getting fierce fast, and there's more at stake for each girl than just a glittering crown.Sebastian put an arm around Ash as Laila took the hundredth picture of the two of them. a€œYou came to your senses and finally ... Ash yelled as Sebastian jumped into the drivera#39;s side of the Mazda6. a€œAnd this time she is not com- ing with us!

Title:Prom Ever After
Author:Dona Sarkar, Caridad Ferrer, Deidre Berry
Publisher:Harlequin - 2014-05-01


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