Promised Land

Promised Land

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They thought they lived in the best small town in America. Only Shelly Hinson knows that the qbest small townq award is a lie-because she's the one who wrote the article. Braxton, California-her hometown-is no better or worse than any other town in the state, or the country, for that matter. Little did Shelly know the effect the hoax would have on people, both the long-time residents and the newcomers drawn by the publicity. Some, like Benny Green, find everything they're looking for in Braxton. Moving from Virginia benefits both him and the town. The slower-paced life suits Benny as he reaches out to those around him through his popular new restaurant. Not all new residents will find Braxton so welcoming. Among the town officials, only Cal Spencer seems to keep his head, remaining a confirmed skeptic about all the hoopla. How could this article appear without anyone in town having spoken to the writer? he wonders. Caught in her lie, Shelly watches with growing guilt the changes taking place and then with horror as tragedy strikes during a celebration of the town's newfound fame. She is forced to come to grips with her life, including her spiritual condition, as she realizes how her article has changed the lives of so many people, including her own.It was a few minutes before midnight now, and Leona believed the Corolla was going to make it. ... The lights on the dashboard were a virtual doomsday message board a€” warnings to check low brake fluid, oil pressure, and her dying battery. ... The engine was making groaning sounds, and now, with the accelerator pushed all the way to the floor, the car was traveling at only about twenty miles an hour.

Title:Promised Land
Author:John Culea
Publisher:Chariot Victor Publishing - 1998


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