Promises to Keep

Promises to Keep

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Tricky curves ahead After three years of grieving, it's finally time for widow McKenna Wellington to take that long-awaited road tripa€bthough her adventure isn't meant to include Parker Fordum. The stodgy, set-in-his-ways economics professor is the last person McKenna wants to accompany her across 2, 400 miles of defunct highway. But her late husband's friend has his own reasons for signing on. And Parker's surprising McKenna in all sorts of good ways. Somewhere between Chicago and LA, an unlikely friendship blooms, turning a cross-country trip into something more. But what awaits them at journey's end?a€œYou havena#39;t even looked at the car.a€ a€œIa#39;m sure thata#39;s your problem. You can still drive it, but ita#39;ll wear your tires and reduce your gas mileage.a€ a€œDo you know where therea#39;s a Jag dealer or a classic car repair shop?a€ a€œNot a clue, a€ she said.

Title:Promises to Keep
Author:Shirley Hailstock
Publisher:Harlequin - 2015-08-01


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