Promoting Democracy in Postconflict Societies

Promoting Democracy in Postconflict Societies

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?An engaging set of case studies, rich in detail and accessibly written, which underscore the complicated and challenging nature of war-to-democracy transitions.??Timothy Sisk, University of DenverFew would dispute the importance of donating funds and expertise to conflict-ridden societies?but such aid, however well meant, often fails to have the intended effect. This study critically evaluates international democratization assistance in postconflict societies to discern what has worked, what has not, and how aid programs can be designed to have a more positive impact.The authors offer a unique recipient perspective as they explore three dimensions of democracy promotion: elections, free media, and human rights. Drawing on the experiences of Cambodia, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and Uganda, they suggest concrete ways in which the international community can better foster democratization in the wake of conflict. Jeroen de Zeeuw is research fellow in the Conflict Research Unit at the Clingendael Institute of International Relations in the Netherlands. Krishna Kumar is senior social scientist with the United States Agency for International Development. His recent books include Rebuilding Societies After Civil War: Critical Roles for International Assistance and Postconflict Elections, Democratization and International Assistance. Contents: Introduction?the Editors. Parties and Elections. Supporting ?No-Party Democracy? in Uganda?J.-J. Barya. Fostering Political Pluralism in Ethiopia?D. Rahmato and M. Ayenew. Electoral Assistance and Democratic Transition in Mozambique?M. de Tollenaere. Human Rights. Strengthening Human Rights in Guatemala?D. Azpuru. Cambodia?s Fragile Rule of Law?S. Peou. Human Rights Assistance to Sierra Leone?M. G. Sesay and C. Hughes. Transitional Justice in Sierra Leone?Marieke Wierda. Media. Opening Up Media Space in Post-Genocide Rwanda?C. Kayumba and J.-P. Kimonyo. Promoting Independent Media Organizations in El Salvador?Anne Germain Lefevre. Building a Community Radio Network in Afghanistan?K. Kumar. Conclusion. Lessons and Recommendations?J. de Zeeuw.The commission withdrew NOCEMa#39;s accreditation for civic education. ... and Muslim representatives.6 NOCEM had been set up with the assistance of USAID to carry out civic education and election monitoring. ... Civic education manuals were not translated into vernacular languages due to time and financial constraints.

Title:Promoting Democracy in Postconflict Societies
Author:Jeroen de Zeeuw, Krishna Kumar, Nederlands Instituut voor Internationale Betrekkingen "Clingendael."
Publisher:Lynne Rienner Publishers - 2006-01-01


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