Protein-protein Interactions

Protein-protein Interactions

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As more genetic and biochemical information about the protein components of cells accumulate, the analysis of protein-protein interactions is becoming increasingly important. This manual presents a wide range of techniques for identifying and analyzing these interactions, starting with standard molecular and biochemical techniques, and progressing to biophysical and computational approaches and therapeutic and other post-genomic applications. This manual is designed to complement the information in the best-selling Molecular Cloning manual, and is presented in the same clear, user-friendly format. It is an essential resource for investigators studying interacting sets of proteins and their physiologic significance in a wide range of experimental systems.Steps involving the use of organic solvents should be performed under a fume hood. 4. 5. Program the spot robot according to the manufacturera#39;s instructions. Place the tubes with the amino acid solutions and amino-PEG membranes in the anbsp;...

Title:Protein-protein Interactions
Author:Erica Golemis
Publisher:CSHL Press - 2002


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