Protein Structure

Protein Structure

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This book is concerned with the physical aspects of molecular and electronic tunneling in biological systems, and the extent to which protein structure controls these events. The scope is very broad and this volume could almost be a textbook in biophysics. Both fundamental processes and the extrapolation to physiological events are stressed. The discussion sections are remarkably frank and offer insight into the basic problems confronting physists and chemists as they seek to apply their techniques to biological systems. This book on the physics of biomolecules reflects recent progress in understanding the biological function of the key protein molecules from detailed knowledge of their physics. New and exciting are the glasslike aspects of protein structures and the discussion of proteins as fractals. Other topics dealt with are low-temperature kinetics and reactivity, structure and charge exchange, and charge separation in photosynthetic reaction centers.Dr. J. Robert Schrieffer Department of Physics University of California Santa Barbara, CA 93106 Mr. Jonathan Schug ... PA 19104 Dr. Arieh Warshel Department of Chemistry University of Southern California Los Angleles, CA 90089 Dr. Wattanbsp;...

Title:Protein Structure
Author:Robert Austin, Ephraim Buhks, Britton Chance, Don De Vault, Paul L. Dutton, Hans Frauenfelder, Vitalli I. Gol'danskii
Publisher:Springer - 2014-11-14


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