Psychobabble ePub eBook

Psychobabble ePub eBook

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Exposing the self-help myths that make us all more miserable. This is what your psychologist would really tell youa€“if he thought you could handle it! This is the kick up the backside the self-help genre needs: an intelligent, provocative and thought-provoking expose of the modern myths that wea€™re told make us happier, but in reality screw us up. Clinical psychologist, Dr Stephen Briers shines a light into the dark corners of self-help and explodes the myths, false hopes, quack philosophies and unrealistic expectations it routinely advocates. It is a refreshing antidote to the `same old same olda€™ approaches, offering a radical re-think of the way we approach problems in our lives, offering empowering new perspectives and expert advice on avoiding the biggest life traps. Dr Briers questions the perceived wisdom, shakes up the status quo, and encourages us to think again.In the realm of CBT, to misquote George Orwella#39;s Animal Farm, while all the factors involved are supposedly equal, some appear to be more equal than others. CBT remains a largely top-down model. To listen to the more zealous CBTanbsp;...

Title:Psychobabble ePub eBook
Author:Stephen Briers
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2015-01-30


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