Psychodynamic Neurology

Psychodynamic Neurology

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Psychodynamic Neurology: Dreams, Consciousness, and Virtual Realty presents a novel way of thinking about the value of dreaming, based in solid comprehension of scientific research on sleep and dreams, but with deep understanding of psychoanalytic and other interpretations of dreams. This book: Surveys the remarkable history of sleep research over the past few decades Examines the neurobiology of sleep and its implications for consciousness and well-being Addresses the nature of waking and dreaming consciousness and how they are deeply related Presents the neurogenesis, function, and clinical importance of a brain-based dream theory Our dreams are a mixture of anticipated virtual as well as remembered real experience. This book tells the story of how neuroscience has helped us reach this startling and exciting conclusion and how the new scientific model builds upon and departs from the dream theories of the past.The discontinuity of dreams may relate to the neurophysiological details of REM sleep described by BuzsAiki and Diba (2010). This evidence ... Misidentification of persons is one such error, and I am embarrassed to admit that this error has become more frequent with my increasing age. I simply cannot ... At a cut rate of $100 a session, that comes to about four Mercedes sedans per therapist per patient.

Title:Psychodynamic Neurology
Author:Allan Hobson
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-10-15


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