Pulp Classics

Pulp Classics

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When Strange Tales first appeared in 1931 as a pulp magazine, it was clearly something new. Edited by Harry Bates as a companion to Astounding Stories, it combined the supernatural horror and fantasy of Weird Tales with vigorous action plots. Strange Tales rapidly attracted the most imaginative and capable writers of the day, including such Weird Tales regulars as Robert E. Howard, Clark Ashton Smith, Henry S. Whitehead, Hugh B. Cave, Ray Cummings, and numerous others. Had the Great Depression not intervened and killed it after seven issues, the whole history of fantastic fiction might have been different. The October 1932 issue features work by Clark Ashton Smith (qThe Hunters from Beyondq), Victor Rousseau, Henry S. Whitehead, Hugh B. Cave, Frank Belknap Long, Jr, and many more.Send sketch or model tor Instructions or write tor FEES book. aquot;How to ... No wires, batteries or beta1 piece. ... U noma warns* auuMMTV earn laaiasaiiiaex. oaxsa tooat am HUM mAralt; am aioim rtlArHi^tArm Walt;~agt;-Miii.i-riAliiiiiii rmiii iiiijr TOM r.

Title:Pulp Classics
Author:John Gregory Betancourt
Publisher:Wildside Press LLC - 2008-01-01


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