Punch-Drunk on CO2...Dizzy from Spin

Punch-Drunk on CO2...Dizzy from Spin

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Prior to the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference, it became evident that no discernible global warming had occurred since 1998, despite a significant increase in carbon dioxide emissions. Consequently, the catastrophic man-made global warming hypothesis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was conveniently rebranded as climate change'. This book allows readers, with little or no understanding of the issues behind the climate change debate, to obtain an appreciation as to why so much doubt and suspicion has been cast over the IPCC and its gold standard climate science' (IPCC Fourth Assessment Report) often referred to as the settled science' backed by a consensus of scientists. This book reveals that what the public has been led to believe about man-made global warming alarmism, and about the IPCC, often is misleading or just plain wrong, and that the IPCC's climate alarmism is not actually backed by science but rather by shonky predictions from unreliable computer models. It also makes it evident that man-made global warming alarmism has been driven largely by politics and environmentalism using any means possible to justify action to halt catastrophic man-made global warming (climate change) warming that has not, in fact, been happening. This book will leave the reader better informed about the IPCC and its climate alarmism, and about carbon dioxide, the temperature data, climate model predictions and misleading claims, as well as about the efforts of sceptics in revealing why the hypothesis of the IPCC, and its alarmist claims, are not valid.This is my review of the German edition. The book is so important that I expect an English version before long. You can have this German edition shipped to the US from Amazon Germany. There is a Kindle edition in German, which for reasonsanbsp;...

Title:Punch-Drunk on CO2...Dizzy from Spin
Author:Peter Sullivan
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013


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