Pure Sport

Pure Sport

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Should you always qthink about itq? Are you qonly as good as your last gameq? Is it just a matter of qkeeping your eye on the ballq? The answer to these questions is no, and to help you steer a course through the many challenges of a sporting career this second edition of Pure Sport sets out, in everyday language, the lessons you can take from contemporary sport psychology a€“ helping you recognise what works and what doesna€™t when it comes to improving performance. As the title suggests, Pure Sport goes back to basics by highlighting practical concerns for those involved with competitive sport at every age and level a€“ from junior club members to Olympic athletes. Drawing on their considerable experience as both applied sport psychologists and academics, the authors present practical advice and a powerful array of techniques for channelling and harnessing mental skills with the goal of improving sporting performance. Drawing on the international popularity of the first edition, in this fully updated second edition the authors have taken the opportunity to revamp chapters with colour photographs, contemporary examples, and sporting anecdotes, and the book is now even more accessible for those without a formal background in psychology. Pure Sport, Second Edition is essential reading for anyone with an active involvement or interest in sport, it will help students, coaches, teams, and sportsmen and women to sharpen their mental edge and so realise their true potential in sport and through sport.As one extreme example, Leicester Citya#39;s notorious mid-season a#39;jollya#39; to Spain in 2004 springs to mind. Eight players were ... Boot camps for teams prior to major tournaments became fashionable in the 1990s but hard evidence to supportanbsp;...

Title:Pure Sport
Author:John Kremer, Aidan Moran
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-08-15


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