Put Your Heart on Paper

Put Your Heart on Paper

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Put Your Heart On Paper is filled with the inspiring true stories of what happens when people write from their hearts: the shared insights, the new beginnings, the dreams that miraculously come true. In 50 provocative short chapters, acclaimed author Henriette Klauser shows the power of the written word in everyday life -- bringing together parents and children, strengthening personal bonds, mending hurt feelings, solving problems, sharing joys, preserving family history -- and offers tools and tips to get you started right away. Putting your heart on paper does not require special talent, a lot of time or training. All you need is a willingness to be yourself and to be open with others. Nauser's energizing examples show how to get going and keep going past the fear and doubt -- and offer dozens of ideas to try. From a note tucked in a lunchbox to an interactive journal, from love letters to apologies to a three-minute poem, Put Your Heart On Paper shows us how to find a direct line from our deepest thoughts to another's heart. From the Trade Paperback edition.This is a relationship worth fighting for. And it had all those years, all that solid foundation ... I want you to know that even though we cana#39;t be together, I will always, always love you very much. The boy stopped reading and started to cry softly.

Title:Put Your Heart on Paper
Author:Henriette Anne Klauser
Publisher:Bantam - 2011-07-20


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