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There is no more important decision an American voter can make than selecting who will become the next president of the United States, and voters should not be forced to guess whether a candidate is qualified to become president. In Qualified, author Jamin Soderstrom proposes a resume challenge that could revolutionize the election system and help to bring the presidential hiring process into the twenty-first century. Qualified presents a tool, developed by Soderstrom, to help voters compare presidential candidates with each other and with past presidents. This resume-based approach focuses on the candidatesa€™ experiences and abilities and evaluates legislative, executive, military, foreign, and private experience; education and intellect; and writing and public speaking ability. It ensures that future presidents will be leaders qualified by constitutional, historical, and practical standards. A blend of analysis and insight, Qualified seeks to provide information to voters to help ensure the public elects presidents who have the experience, ability, and temperament to rise above the fray and become historically successful. The innovative resume challenge will help shed light on which candidates in 2012 meet the QUALIFIED THRESHOLD for presidential success.He started writing and publishing frequent opinion pieces and other articles in 1947, and continued to write extensively ... In 1963, his obligatory essay for the new York bar exam was singled out as the best essay the grader had seen in threeanbsp;...

Author:Jamin Soderstrom
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-09-30


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