Quantitative Imaging in Cell Biology

Quantitative Imaging in Cell Biology

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This new volume, number 123, of Methods in Cell Biology looks at methods for quantitative imaging in cell biology. It covers both theoretical and practical aspects of using optical fluorescence microscopy and image analysis techniques for quantitative applications. The introductory chapters cover fundamental concepts and techniques important for obtaining accurate and precise quantitative data from imaging systems. These chapters address how choice of microscope, fluorophores, and digital detector impact the quality of quantitative data, and include step-by-step protocols for capturing and analyzing quantitative images. Common quantitative applications, including co-localization, ratiometric imaging, and counting molecules, are covered in detail. Practical chapters cover topics critical to getting the most out of your imaging system, from microscope maintenance to creating standardized samples for measuring resolution. Later chapters cover recent advances in quantitative imaging techniques, including super-resolution and light sheet microscopy. With cutting-edge material, this comprehensive collection is intended to guide researchers for years to come. Covers sections on model systems and functional studies, imaging-based approaches and emerging studies Chapters are written by experts in the field Cutting-edge materialIn this section, we provide a suggested workflow with detailed instructions on recommended testing procedures. ... This is unfortunate, since neglect can lead to problems including software crashes and reduction in speed. ... in acquisition speed and/or spontaneously triggered computer reboots during an experiment, making manual updates preferable. ... After performing Koehler alignment, illumination should be even across the field of 66 CHAPTER 4 Microscope maintenance 4.2.

Title:Quantitative Imaging in Cell Biology
Publisher:Academic Press - 2014-06-25


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