Quantum mechanics of many degrees of freedom

Quantum mechanics of many degrees of freedom

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This advanced text/reference presents the quantum theory of systems having many degrees of freedom, either because the systems contain many particles, or because of the possibility of particle creation or annihilation, or both. Theoretical techniques begin at the second quantization and the elements of quantum field theory, including pairing and tunneling, leading to diagrammatic methods for the many-body problem and for scattering theory. Presentation is self-contained and includes many examples and problems.In this case, there are no external lines in the diagrams of Figure 9.2, so that (b) and (c) are each a linked, vacuum-vacuum diagram. Then ... (Dl) Since we are considering a fermion system, the states b 302 APPENDIX Pauli Exclusion Principle.

Title:Quantum mechanics of many degrees of freedom
Author:Daniel S. Koltun, Judah M. Eisenberg
Publisher:Wiley-Interscience - 1988-07-28


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