Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots

Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots

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Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots Second Edition: Theoretical and Computational Physics of Semiconductor Nanostructures provides all the essential information, both theoretical and computational, for complete beginners to develop an understanding of how the electronic, optical and transport properties of quantum wells, wires and dots are calculated. Readers are lead through a series of simple theoretical and computational examples giving solid foundations from which they will gain the confidence to initiate theoretical investigations or explanations of their own. Emphasis on combining the analysis and interpretation of experimental data with the development of theoretical ideas Complementary to the more standard texts Aimed at the physics community at large, rather than just the low-dimensional semiconductor expert The text present solutions for a large number of real situations Presented in a lucid style with easy to follow steps related to accompanying illustrative examplesThe first of these stated that the steady state flux through a plane is proportional to, but in the opposite direction to, the concentration gradient, i.e. flux = a€”DVc ( 4.1) while the second showed that the time dependency of the concentration isanbsp;...

Title:Quantum Wells, Wires and Dots
Author:Paul Harrison
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2005-10-31


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