Quasar 169

Quasar 169

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Quasar Force Officer Alex Roglitz is back in four more thrilling adventures with his strange and alluring partner, Quasar 169... Quasarphysical When it's suggested he find a replacement for his last partner, Quasar 169, Alex discovers himself instead in the middle of a manhunt for the beautiful fugitive Damian Baker. The only way he can help is by tearing up the joint Roglitz-style, but can he outwit a team of alien bounty hunters programmed to win at all costs? Quasarmoon Amanda shows up unexpectedly at the home of a retired veterinarian with an interest in the paranormal at the same time a half-baked group of werewolf-wanna-be's plan to hold their big annual qpack meetingq. The fur flies when things go horribly awry and only a shady stranger from New York can set things right. Quasar Real Alex's immediate supervisor is very straight-laced and by the book, but he throws the book away when he requires him to tackle a very personal undercover operation. Illusion rules when Virtual Reality is taken to a whole new level with stolen alien technology behind it. Alex and Amanda must decide what is real and what is not when greed and deception leads to murder. Quasar Sleep The Silver Sphere aliens return! One by one, his co-workers succumb to their desires until only Alex and Amanda are left to halt a potential worldwide invasion. From the author of Trumpet Of The Unicorn and Quasar 169: Silver Sphere Sightings comes this second book in the Quasar series of science fiction adventure.Veterinary manuals and books on hypnosis and poltergeists and stuff.a€ a€œYour fathera#39;s weird, Mace.a€ Both kids covered their mouths with their fists and snickered in agreement. She asked, a€œWhata#39;s for lunch?a€ Suddenly, the sounds of severalanbsp;...

Title:Quasar 169
Author:E. D. Detetcheverrie
Publisher:iUniverse - 2003-04


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