Querying XML

Querying XML

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XML has become the lingua franca for representing business data, for exchanging information between business partners and applications, and for adding structure- and sometimes meaning-to text-based documents. XML offers some special challenges and opportunities in the area of search: querying XML can produce very precise, fine-grained results, if you know how to express and execute those queries. For software developers and systems architects: this book teaches the most useful approaches to querying XML documents and repositories. This book will also help managers and project leaders grasp how a€œquerying XML fits into the larger context of querying and XML. Querying XML provides a comprehensive background from fundamental concepts (What is XML?) to data models (the Infoset, PSVI, XQuery Data Model), to APIs (querying XML from SQL or Java) and more. * Presents the concepts clearly, and demonstrates them with illustrations and examples; offers a thorough mastery of the subject area in a single book. * Provides comprehensive coverage of XML query languages, and the concepts needed to understand them completely (such as the XQuery Data Model). * Shows how to query XML documents and data using: XPath (the XML Path Language); XQuery, soon to be the new W3C Recommendation for querying XML; XQuery's companion XQueryX; and SQL, featuring the SQL/XML * Includes an extensive set of XQuery, XPath, SQL, Java, and other examples, with links to downloadable code and data samples.8.5 XML on the Fly: Nonpersistent XMLData Throughout this chapter so far, we have focused on XML data that is ... For example, XML data containing stock market quotations might be broadcast to WAP-enabled cell phones that areanbsp;...

Title:Querying XML
Author:Jim Melton, Stephen Buxton
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 2011-04-08


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