Quick Steps to Financial Stability

Quick Steps to Financial Stability

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Quick Steps to Financial Stability Find money you didn't think you had Deal with your debt Make the most of tax breaks Boost your investment returns Get your kids through college Ditch the job and retire Choose the right loan Save time and money by using our easy-to-follow templates No time to figure it all out on your own? Let Quick Steps to Financial Stability be your guide. qWhen it comes to financial self-help advice, Al Lavine and Gail Liberman are as good as it gets. Whether it's setting up a budget, reducing debt, or taking out the right loans, Lavine and Liberman boiled it all down in this latest book to a series of practical steps to make complicated financial planning simple.q a€”David Callaway, editor-in-chief, MarketWatch Looking to get your finances on track? It's as easy as following the steps outlined in this book. You needn't be an accountant or a financial planner. Get the straight and simple scoop on how to take the bull by the horns yourselfa€”just follow the step-by-step approach outlined in Quick Steps to Financial Stability. Have access to a computer? If so, it's even easier. And there are several online calculators you can use to help you get the job done. Alan Lavine and Gail Liberman are husband-and-wife syndicated columnists. Their columns run in the Boston Herald, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Palm Beach Daily News, several Scripps Howard newspapers, and several online websites. They also write a biweekly consumer banking column for Dow Jones MarketWatch. They have been guests on CBS's The Early Show, Fox and Friends, CNN, CNBC, The 700 Club, and PBS. Their book, Rags to Riches, was featured on Oprah's television show and hit two best-seller lists. They live in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.If youa#39;re new to the United States, ask about special mortgage or credit programs that are available to immigrants. Married ... Thata#39;s a way to build a good payment history. Understanding. Car. Loans. and. Leases. Unfortunately, in most areas ita#39;s tough to have a job without a car. The problem: A car is a losing proposition.

Title:Quick Steps to Financial Stability
Author:Alan Lavine, Gail Liberman
Publisher:Que Publishing - 2006-11-10


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