Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control

Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control

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This guide offers practical solutions for ordinary noise problems that a person is likely to meet. The book describes the ways in which sounds are generated, travel to the listener, and affect his hearing and well-being. Recommendations are given for controlling noise at the source and along its path of travel, and for protecting the listener. This guide instructs the reader by way of qWarning Singsq on how to determine whether he is being subjected in his environment to prolonged noise exposures that may prove hazardous to his hearing.Remedies are given for noise problems that a person is likely to find in his home, at work and at school, while traveling, and in the growth and development of his community. The remedies include noise prevention techniques and selection of quiet alternatives to existing noise sources. General principles for selecting quiet appliances are given. Ways of searching for the sources of noise and for determining the paths over which they travel to the listener are described. A detailed index is given for individual ways of looking for inherently quiet homes and travel accomodations are described.In a final chapter, there are suggestions for enlisting community help where large external sources of noise must be quieted, such as those arisseing from public utilities and public transportation.AIR CONDITIONER, Central (Chapter 4) Compressor : Select unit with low noise rating; mount on resilient pads preferably on a concrete block ... Grilles t Dlff users and Convectors: Select streamline units with smooth, wide openings and low-spread discharge. ... Air Filter? If the air filter in the unit becomes clogged with dust, condensate may freeze on expander tubing and thus further restrict the air flew.

Title:Quieting: A Practical Guide to Noise Control
Author:Raymond D. Berendt, Edith L. R. Corliss, Morris Ojalvo
Publisher:The Minerva Group, Inc. - 2000-09-01


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