R_k_asa's Ring

R_k_asa's Ring

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Narcissism has recently been the focus of debate among professionals, in large part due to the controversies surrounding the world of Heinz Kohut and Otto Kernberg. Yet much has been written about narcissism throughout the history of psychoanalysis and this carefully selected collection brings together the essential work on narcissism. The book first puts forth the major theoretical formulations - self-psychology, object relations, psychodynamics - and then explores diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The book offers landmark classic and contemporary contributions by authors such as Annie Reich, Heinz Kohut, Otto Kernberg, Alice Miller, Arnold Modell, and many others.Alludes also to mystical diagrams. a€œDigester of Venom.a€ The Vrishni (or YAidava) clan, ... after the ill omen of the twitching of the eye. Now that he is VirAidhagupta and not Jirnavisha the snake charmer, he speaks again in educated tonesa€”i.e., anbsp;...

Title:R_k_asa's Ring
Author:Viśākhadatta, Michael Coulson
Publisher:NYU Press - 2005-11-01


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