R5 in Your Classroom

R5 in Your Classroom

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qR5 embraces the social aspect that students seek; it begs for the choices that help students become engaged readers.q a€”Janet Allen, from the Foreword Learn how to use R5, a unique, structured independent reading block that encourages students to Read, Relax, Reflect, Respond, and Rap. Youa€™ll find out how to validate and support your intermediate-grade studentsa€™ reading comprehensiona€”regardless of their ability level or initial interest in readinga€”and get your students excited about reading! R5 in Your Classroom, which builds on the authorsa€™ bestseller Comprehension Shouldn't Be Silent (now in a second edition), provides the detailed information you need to successfully implement R5 in your existing curriculum. In these pages, youa€™ll learn how to Use current research on the importance of independent reading to establish R5 and make time for it in your busy classroom routine Recognize all the different types of readers in your classroom, and differentiate instruction to meet their needs through scaffolding, conferring, and peer support Evaluate your studentsa€™ reading interests and special skills sets to help them find the right books Develop a workable and meaningful at-home reading program that gets parents involved in their childrena€™s independent reading Build an accessible, exciting classroom library without breaking your budget Plus, step-by-step instructions, reproducibles, and classroom examples can help you get started with R5 immediately.Using the Five-Finger Test for Selecting Books (see Appendix B, p. 133), the number of fingers held up corresponds to the difficulty the text may present. Next, students retell what they just read. Even if they have no fingers up, they need toanbsp;...

Title:R5 in Your Classroom
Author:Michelle J. Kelley, Nicki Clausen-Grace
Publisher:International Reading Assoc. - 2008-04-21


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