Race You to the Fountain of Youth

Race You to the Fountain of Youth

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The men are on one side. The women on the other. They're ready -- they're set -- they're off!... Well...maybe not. Seasoned comedy writers Martha Bolton and Brad Dickson take an unconventional, refreshing look at the over-forty race to the Fountain of Youth. Instead of heaping on the pressure to exercise more, eat less, manage your time, and save all your money for retirement, Bolton and Dickson offer a take-it-easy approach to aging with chapters like: a‚n If Menopausal Women Ruled the World a‚n How to Calculate Your Real Age a‚n I Am Woman, Where'd I Go? a‚n Desperate Grandmas a‚n He Died of What? a‚n Gimme a Head with Hair Filled with gentle encouragement and rolling humor, Race You to the Fountain of Youth will remind you to focus on the things that truly matter -- contentment, personal growth, faith, and joy. Relevant, real, and always funny, this look at the better half of life doesn't ask you to change one thing about yourself -- except maybe to laugh a bit more and worry a bit less.He has an epiphany that if he were a car, his warranty woulda#39;ve expired fifty thousand miles ago. ... Pretty much every company but Pep Boys presently has a line of skin-care products for guys, and Pep Boys is probably working on one.

Title:Race You to the Fountain of Youth
Author:Martha Bolton, Brad Dickson
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2007-10-02


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