RACF Remote Sharing Facility over TCP/IP

RACF Remote Sharing Facility over TCP/IP

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The IBM RACFAr remote sharing facility (RRSF) allows RACF to communicate with other IBM z/OSAr systems that use RACF, allowing you to maintain remote RACF databases. RRSF support for the security administrator provides these benefits: Administration of RACF databases from anywhere in the RRSF network Creation of User ID associations for password and password phrase synchronization Automatic synchronization of databases Before to z/OS V1R13, RRSF only supported the APPC protocol. With z/OS release V1R13, TCP/IP can be used to extend the RACF Remote Sharing Facility (RRSF) functionality to a network of RRSF nodes capable of communicating over the TCP/IP protocol. Using TCP/IP connections for RRSF nodes provides advantages over APPC such as improved security, including stronger encryption levels. This IBMAr RedbooksAr publication addresses the issue of implementing a new RRSF network using the TCP/IP protocol. It covers planning, implementation, and operational issues for deploying RRSF using TCP/IP. In addition, It addresses migration of an RRSF network from APPC to TCP/IP, including in-depth examples of the migration process.RRSF tracks the failing service name, including its return and reason code, . ... After correcting any key ring problems, including an authorization problem, make sure that the policy agent reads the contents of ... Your system configuration must start ICSF earlier in the IPL sequence (before the policy agent starts) to avoid this anbsp;...

Title:RACF Remote Sharing Facility over TCP/IP
Author:Karan Singh, Rama Ayyar, Mike Onghena, Phil Peters, Arunkumar Ramachandran, Philippe Richard, Roland Schwahn, IBM Redbooks
Publisher:IBM Redbooks - 2012-08-30


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