Radar in Meteorology

Radar in Meteorology

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This fully illustrated volume covers the history of radar meteorology, deals with the issues in the field from both the operational and the scientific viewpoint, and looks ahead to future issues and how they will affect the current atmosphere. With over 200 contributors, the volume is a product of the entire community and represents an unprecedented compendium of knowledge in the field.Y N.A. N N N N N N N N Y Scattering Zps Zps ZDR, LDR Zps CDR, LDR, CDR, LDR, ZDs, CDR, ZDF, LDR Cross- Zor Relative matrix, with ... is reflected by low loss adjustable shorting plugs, and one of these short circuit arms is a quarter wavelength longer than the other. ... two-way waveguide switch required to select either of the ports of the turnstile is based on a design described in Ragan (1948) .

Title:Radar in Meteorology
Author:David Atlas
Publisher:Springer - 2015-03-30


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